Jesus Said You Should Stop Using Perfumes — Female Preacher Warns Christians

POSTED BY BASH 11th November, 2021

A female preacher has warned against the use of perfumes, stating that Jesus said Christians should stop applying it.

The video which seems to be making the rounds online captures the moment a preacher vehemently warned against the use of sweet smelling substances on the body.

Driving her point home, she backed her claim with a portion of the bible, Isaiah 3 verse 24, as she affirmed that on the last day, people who use perfumes will be burning and stinking like gutter.

In her words:

“Those of you putting perfume, Jesus said you should stop putting perfume on your body. On the last day in Isaiah 3 verse 24 instead of sweet smell, you’ll be burning and you’ll be stinking, you’ll be smelling like gutter”.

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