Dj Cuppy reveals she once dated a bus driver (Video)

POSTED BY BASH 09th November, 2021

As part of her dating life opening up, Ifeoluwa Florence Otedola, who is better known as DJ Cuppy, has disclosed she dated a bus driver.

In a recent interview with the Zeze Millz Show, DJ Cuppy reportedly revealed she uses a dating app that costs 400 pounds.

DJ Cuppy described the difficulties she has had finding the perfect partner, and her experiences walking on dates with all kinds of men, including a bus driver.

In response to a question about what her experience was with men she met on dating apps, she explained that one must remain open-minded with dating, confessing that she has met all types of men on dating apps.

Below are some of her words from the interview;

“I have dated all types of men, I find them on apps. You have to be open-minded, I dated a bus driver, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have gone on a date with a murder, I have been with a footballer, I see it as fun, like two people talking and getting to know each other.”

Watch the full interview below;


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